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The Switch

Those of us local to Eastern North Carolina know it’s time to pull out all the stops when The Switch is coming to town. Whether the venue is a private party or one of the many close-by hot spots, you know it’s time to gather your crew and prepare to see a performance that is both energetic and interactive. Without regard to any one specific genre, The Switch repertoire will satisfy even the most… finicky of audiences. Their vast set list and tremendous versatility are their claim to fame.Attending a Switch show, no matter how big or small the venue, gives you the vibe of a big rock n roll arena. The energy each band member puts into their performance is both dynamic and entrancing, giving you the feeling that you are a part of the overall experience that will keep you coming back for more. Their energy will bring you to the dance floor and their diversity will keep you there all night.
The Switch is a unique blend of classics and current, overwhelming their patrons each and every time. Whether it’s Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Top 40s or Beach music you crave, The Switch will deliver.

Suicide Blonde

Everybody Loves the Eighties:

It was a simpler time. No internet, no cell phones, no pagers. The top of the line computer couldn’t even balance a checkbook, and “Donkey Kong” was the latest and greatest in video game technology. “Dynasty” and “Magnum PI” ruled television and Calvin Klein and Members-Only jackets ruled the day’s fashion. The Eighties was a time of style-over-substance where looking good was the priority and excess was the rule.

Eighties music was all about “the party” with bands such as INXS, Duran Duran and Tears for Fears showing us the way. Music wasn’t about politics and drama; it was fun. English and American musicians were locked in a fierce international competition for the American hearts and mind, and MTV actually played videos and changed the way we saw the world.

Now the children of the Eighties are all grown-up. Rubik’s Cubes and parachute pants have been replaced by 2.2 kids and a dog. These “children” now  have 401-Ks and mortgages. Staying up all night has given way to board meetings, carpools and “soccer moms”. “Pretty in Pink” and “St Elmo’s Fire” now defer to “Desperate Housewives” and “American Idol.”

But the spirit of the Eighties is alive and well and Suicide Blonde is now here to help the children of the greatest decade in history celebrate its passion.

Based out of Raleigh, NC, Suicide Blonde is comprised of “children of the 80s” who have united to bring back the spirit of this incredible decade. With its lineup of experienced musicians, this exciting band well remembers what it was like to wear a mullet, hop in the Trans-AM and drive to the blaring sounds of AC-DC, David Bowie or the Cure. With a wealth of experience in many genres of music, Suicide Blonde brings the required professionalism, musicianship and unmistakable love of the 80s to transport any club or private function back to this unforgettable time of fun and excess.