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Jason Link

Country music may be running through Jason Link’s veins, but when you first meet this modern-edged performer down on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee, it’s hard to tell he was raised on a 900-acre tobacco farm that goes back four generations.  In fact, you may think he was more of a new generation country-rocker with hair falling conspicuously into a spiky form of bedhead sexiness and a lean physique sporting an array of rumpled designer duds, including a cowboy hat that he modified himself by spray painting and scuffing up into its own innovative texture.  


But regardless of his urban-esque appeal, this real world ‘country boy’ from Freeman, Virginia, can belt out a tune with just enough twang that would be best described as George Strait meets Hank Williams, Jr. with a serving of Kenny Chesney on the side.  And that doesn’t even cover the fact that he’s an extraordinary guitar player. He is among the few that play lead guitar currently driving the country music scene.  Only two other players come to mind when thinking of Jason and that’s Brad Paisley and Keith Urban.

However, Link is well aware that possessing the talent to have mastered the guitar and banjo is not all it takes for him to make his dreams a reality…it’s about having great songs.  No problem there.  Jason also happens to be a seasoned songwriter, with the ability to construct memorable melodies paired with story-driven lyrics and just the right amount of modern flare to appeal to a country radio audience.  And if that’s not enough to convince every country music listener to jump on the “Link” train, his ability to perform live is without question, the best.  With the stamina of Bruce Springsteen and an enduring passion to always be on stage singing, he is what one would call a true entertainer. 

But none of this should be a surprise once you learn how long Jason Link has been doing this thing he calls “his life”.  It all started at the age of five…playing the drums at his grandfather’s dance hall, Club 301, while also appearing on his grandfather’s radio station, 580 AM WLES, in Lawrenceville, Virginia, under the nickname “Scoot Scoot”.   At age 16, he began to play guitar and write his own songs which led to countless shows at local bars and other venues with his uncle Marty, who was influential in teaching Jason his unique style of hybrid country lead guitar.  Eager to explore music from all genres, Jason was influenced, both vocally and in his guitar playing, by artists ranging from Hank Williams, Sr. to Jimi Hendrix to the Beatles.  There was no stopping him.

When Jason was nineteen, he landed a gig as the lead singer in a house band he formed with his uncle.  His great dedication to music was truly apparent during this time, as he drove one hundred miles each way, playing over 270 shows a year for five years.  It was during this period of his life that Jason began to develop his unique musical style with the help of vocal coach Janet Kenyon, who has worked with artists such as Taylor Swift and Josh Turner.  

Today, Jason resides in Nashville, Tennessee, tours the country, and continues to capture new fans with his energetic and aggressive live performances.  With a country music style all his own mixed with a good dose of rugged sex appeal, Jason never fails to leave an audience wanting more.  

Jason Link’s life has been and always will be his music…as a third generation musician, he carries with him his family’s musical lineage and it is no secret that he is well on his way to becoming a country music superstar.  As his grandfather once told him, “He is and will be “something special”.

 Song List:

Originals                                                                      Covers(Waylon Jennings)        

You Don’t Know Country                                   Good Hearted Woman

Good Time                                                        Amanda           

Walk with You                                                   Outlaw Bit

The reason I Hate Nashville                                Lonesome Ornery & Mean

Huntin Song                                                      Ain’t Living Long Like This

Lucky Man

Thank God for the Radio                                   Covers (Conway Twitty)

Livin On                                                            Lay you down                          

Different                                                           Tight fittin jeans

Every Girl Likes a Guitar                       

Back to You                                                      Covers (Hank Sr.)

One Drink                                                         Honky Tomkin

Better Than Beautiful                                         Movin On Over

Aint I Cool                                                         I Saw The Light

Shore Drive                                                       I can’t help it if I’m still in love

American Radio                                                 -with you

What a Woman Wants              

Summer Heat                                                    Covers (Keith Urban)   

Sure is a Good Thing                                         Love Somebody Like You

Kiss Me Whiskey                                               Memories of Us

Whiskey                                                            You Look Good In My Shirt

                                                                        Who Wouldn’t Want To Be Me

Tim Mcgraw

Felt Good on My Lips                           

Down on the Farm

Live Like You Were Dying                     

Don’t Take the Girl

Real Good Man



Covers (Kenny Chesney)                                  Covers (Pistol Annies)

Young                                                              Hell on Heels

Live a Little

There Goes My Life                                           Covers (Jimi Hendrix)

The Woman with You                                         Red House

Anything But Mine

No Shoes No Shirt No Problem                          Covers (Luke Bryan)

Please Come to Boston                                     All My Friends Say

You and Tequila

                                                                        Covers (Prince)

Covers (Brad Paisley)                                       Purple Rain

The World                                                                                            

Start a Band                                                      Cover(Buck Owens)

Mud on the Tires                                               Tiger By The Tail

Little Moments                                                  Act Naturally


Americian Saturday Nite                                     Covers (Van Morrison)

Whsikey Lullaby                                                Brown Eyed Girl


Covers (Jason Aldean)                         Covers (Ralph Stanley)

Hicktown                                                           Worried Man Blues

The Truth

Dirt Road Anthem

Tattoos on this Town


Covers (Lynard Skynard)                                  Covers (The Beatles)

Call Me the Breeze                                             Get Back

Three Steps                                                      Come Together

Curtis Lowe                                                       Let It Be Me

Simple Man                                                       Don’t Let Me Down

                                                                        In my life

                                                                        I saw her standing there


Covers (Tom Petty)                                           Covers (ACDC)            

Last Dance with Mary Jane                                Shook Me All Night Long


Covers (Hank Williams Jr.)                               Covers (Garth Brooks)

Blues Man                                                         She’s A Woman

All My Rowdy Friends are Coming                      The Dance

-Over Tonight                                                    Friends In Low Places

Women I’ve Never Had                                     

Family Tradition                                                 Covers (George Strait)

Arms of Cocaine                                               Marina Del Ray

                                                                        The Fireman

Covers (John Mayer)                                        Amerillo By Morning

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room                       Does Forth Worth Every

Crossroads                                                       Cross Your Mind


Covers (David Allen Coe)                                  Covers (Ricky Skaggs)

You Never Call Me By My Name                         Highway 40 Blues


Covers (Merle Haggard)                                    Country Boy


Silver Wings

Workin Man Blues

Ramblin Fever

Stay Here and Drink

Today I Started Loving You Again

The Bottle Let Me Down


Covers (Osborne Brothers)

Rocky Top

Little Maggie