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Gary Bass

Since 1962 Gary Bass has been involved with music on a professional basis. From the days in high school when Gary had his own band, to his present day efforts of recording, producing, and playing beach, shag, rhythm and blues music. While Gary’s early efforts were with bands, it was not until 1974 that his calling in the music world became known not as a musician in a band but as a DJ.

Since 1985 Gary has been the House DJ for Fat Harold’s Beach Club, which is located in the Ocean Drive section of North Myrtle Beach, S.C. Gary has six DJ’s under his direction. Fat Harold’s Beach Club is known as the granddaddy of all beach clubs. Fat Harold’s Beach Club has been named, “Club of The Year” seven times by the beach music industry. Fat Harold’s Beach Club was also crowned, “Show Club of The Year For 2005” at the Carolina Beach Music Awards. Gary is also a staff DJ at Thirsty’s 2 Beach Club, Greensboro, NC. Thirsty’s was named, “Show Club of The Year For 2003”.

While Gary’s forte is Beach Music, other types of music can be provided as requested.

To his credit, Gary has released three CD’s in which he arranged, sang, produced, and played the harmonica and drums on several of the numbers. Each of the CDs have been nominated for Album of the Year along with several other categories.

“Boogie-D, Boogie-D”, features the Beach Music Classic, “Soothe Me”. Ranked #2 on the all time Beach Music charts. Still being played in clubs today.

“Don’t Go To Sleep On Me”, features the ballad, “I’m Not Giving You Up”.

“Anybody Seen Her?”, features the #1 hit, “Little Bitty Pretty One”. The song stayed #1 for eight weeks. The CD stayed on the charts for 54 weeks.

Gary is also featured on “Love Laugh & Live”, “Salt Air”, “If Ten Will Kill Me Nine, Give Me Nine”, “Locals Only”, and “Keep On Shaggin”.

Gary has played for two South Carolina Governors, one North Carolina Governor and with every major beach band, which includes The Fantastic Shakers, Coastline Band, The Band of Oz, and The Craig Woolard Band. He has appeared with Jerry Butler and Delbert McClinton.

Gary’s act is a mixture of DJ and entertainer. While playing music, Gary incorporates the singing and playing of some of his songs that are on his CD’s.

While Beach Music is Gary’s specialty other types of music such as country, big band, top 40, and current dance music can be included at the employer’s request.

Gary is a member of the Beach Music DJ Hall of Fame, has been named 6 times the Cammy Beach Club and Mobile DJ of The Year, and has been named to the R&B Beach Music Hall of Fame (not to be confused with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.)

The R&B Beach Music Hall of Fame contains such profound members as General Johnson and the Chairman of the Board, and Hank Ballard and the Midnighters. This honor is given to a person or group who has contributed to the growth and development of Beach Music.

References can be furnished if needed.

A few other facts about Gary Bass:

1989 inducted into Beach Music DJ Hall of Fame

2001 inducted into the R&B, Beach Music Hall of Fame

2003 DJ for Show Club of The Year, Thirsty’s II, Greensboro, NC

2000 released third CD, “Any Body Seen Her”. “Little Bitty Pretty One” from the CD went to #1 for eight weeks.

1997 released second CD, “Don’t Go To Sleep On Me”. CD was nominated in several categories at the 1997 and 1998 Cammy (Beach Music) Awards including Best CD and Ballard of the Year. The cover features the real Fat Harold.

1995 received the Shell Award from the Grand Nationals, Atlanta, GA for being the favorite SOS DJ.

1994 released first CD, “Boogie-D Boogie-D”. Special guest on the CD include The Clovers, Maurice Williams, Billy Scott, and Nappy Brown. The CD was nominated in several categories during the 1995 and 1996 Cammy (Beach Music) Awards, including Best CD and Best Blues CD. This CD is endorsed by 9 time National Shag Champions, Charlie Womble and Jackie McGee. “Soothe Me” went to #2 on the beach Music Charts. Soothe Me is ranked as one of the all time top 10 Beach Music Classics.

1991 played on tour with Kerry Michaels R&B Band.

1991 co-produced Ripete Records, “Shaggers Delight Vol. III” and “Boogie Time Rocking The Roots”.

1988 National Shag Dance Championship DJ