David Adam Byrnes

The fact that I just took a chance and packed up and came to Nashville still gets me. When I look back, I never actually thought I’d have the guts to leave home. Home is where my heart is and that’s in country music, so I’m sure glad to be here!” – David Adam Byrnes

David Adam Byrnes has been called a backwoods redneck and he’ll be the first to tell you, he wears the label well. He sports a ball cap, plaid is “the fabric of his life,” he loves a barroom band, cranks his music up loud, adores his family, respects his country and is no stranger to hard work nor heartache. Regardless of the “brand,” this good ol’ honky-tonkin’ country boy from Sherwood, Arkansas, David Adam Byrnes, is poised to make a brand new impression.

At 23 years old, David Adam still has the mischievous grin he mastered in his youth. In making initial introductions with the young singer-songwriter, the fact that he is the “little brother” to three older sisters and described to this day as a “handful” by his mom will come as no surprise. With a sly smirk planted permanently on his boyish face that seems to reveal he’s the cat who swallowed the canary, it’s evident these characteristics have long been stashed in his bag of tricks since terrorizing his sisters with tomfoolery and pranks as a boy – and those sisters likely deserve a co-write credit for his track, “If You Didn’t Have A Woman.” It’s this footloose and chock-full of love upbringing that David Adam credits to his laid back, easy-does-it, confident style and accomplishments today.

“My parents met in high school and were high school sweethearts–they’ve been together ever since. We had a really great childhood, all four of us, and we lived an old-fashioned family life. I was taught that if you want something and you work hard enough, you’ll earn it. Don’t take the easy way out and always keep your head up– and that’s exactly what I did.”

Since his first solo adventure to Nashville as a teen, Byrnes knew country music was his calling. As quickly as he returned from his trip and he was as quick to form a band. While classmates were dating or out partying, David Adam Byrnes was honing his performance and writing skills–etching out a unique sound of his own as inspired by his country heroes George Jones, Keith Whitley, Merle Haggard, Tracy Lawrence, Mark Chesnutt and King George (Strait). The sign that his hard work paid off came on graduation day when the opportunity arose for Byrnes to open for one of the world’s largest honky tonk masters, Hank Williams Jr.

After opening for Bocephus, the music bug bit hard and David Adam’s perseverance to achieve his dream feverishly rose. He mapped out his runaway plan from his small town home of Sherwood, Arkansas to Music City, USA. “My ‘running away’ wasn’t as dramatic as a handkerchief-tied-to-a-stick heading down the road with my thumb out, or sneaking out a window, but it was a well-planned secret. I was playing a restaurant ‘residency’ back home and made the announcement to the crowd (where my parents, friends and family were seated) at the end of the show by saying ‘Goodnight! So long! I’m goin’ to Nashville!’ My parents’ mouths dropped to the floor—I figured if I told them in public, I’d be less likely to get a serious tongue-lashing!”

“He is a quick study and became a pro in the studio in a hurry.” PREMIUM COUNTRY producer, Rob Rappaport explains. “He realized that his studio album is made to be heard thousands of times over by thousands of folks and should be as great as possible, which leaves room for improvisation and interpretation of the studio album songs in live venues and becomes even more enjoyable for the true fans. The folks who know become acquainted with his music via the radio or the web and are amazed and thrilled with his ability to deliver a live performance that is as natural as can be while still maintaining the integrity of the album.”

“Rob really pushed me. He helped me to be open minded in combining the music of yesteryear with the progressions of style we see in the music of today,” Byrnes said. “Being signed with Better Angels is like being part of a family and we all have one common thread—the music and passion for a great song. …and Rob shared his unconditional love, he let me cut the songs that I wanted to cut.”

The flirtatious single, “Sweet Distraction” (Josh Thompson/Andi Zack), was released in late 2010 to select digital outlets and ranks as the highest charting debut indie single of 2010 (Country Breakout Chart). David Adam continues his momentum through 2011.

Originally drawn to the genre because of its relatable story songs and therapeutic emotional content, now it comes to tales of lovin’ and losin’, David Adam Byrnes is in line to become the prince of country music’s best-told tales. Capturing every little detail and emotion, from beginning, middle, to end (and even the oddball in-betweens) David Adam Byrnes’ PREMIUM COUNTRY sympathizes with the complications of romance in true-blue honky tonk style.

“I definitely have a twang that won’t fit in any other genre and I can’t be what I ain’t. You’re only as good as your song and I won’t sell out to any cheesy gimmick or the ‘trends’ because ‘that’s what everyone else is doing.’ As crystal clear as a back woods Ozark creek and as true blue as the day is long, David Adam Byrnes is all that and more when it comes to the artistry of honky tonkin’—he may not take himself too seriously to fit the golden mold, but he’s serious about the music that’s closest to his heart and home.

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